Stuartfield & District Community Association (SDCA)
Meeting regularly to discuss various matters which arise in and around Crichie, SDCA is Chaired and run by enthusiastic locals who are pleased to give up their time for the good of the community.

We welcome anyone who wants to join in with keeping up the village.

We are currently looking for someone to act as Treasurer.  It involves reporting on the Community Association's finances at our meetings, co-signing payments and banking funds.

Next Meeting TUESDAY 13 August 2013, 7.30PM 

Stuartfield Public Hall 

Download minutes of 2011 AGM

Download agenda for 2010 AGM

Download minutes of 2009 AGM

Download minutes of meeting 11.05.2010

Download minutes of meeting 03.02.2010

Download minutes of meeting 19.11.2009

Items of interest which have been discussed recently include:

  • Fund raising soup & sweet event in the village hall
  • Christmas lights fundraising
  • website
  • Millennium Bell maintenance
  • Road safety and general policing
  • Village flower planting and maintenance
  • Tree and path and signage maintenance
  • Planning and vacant site issues
  • Rehabilitation centre access issues
  • Core path development
  • Liaison with, and reports from community groups: Deer Community Council, Buchan Development Partnership and Peterhead and Buchan Tourism Initiative.

SDCA extends a warm welcome to anyone with an interest in Crichie and surrounding areas, to contact the Chairman or to attend the regular SDCA meetings:

Below: WIth the leaves of Autumn noticable
you still get a 'welcome' in Crichie!


Thanks to everyone who contributed their ideas.  The most popular ideas so far are:-


A safe path from Stuartfield to Old deer.


Village welcome signs carved in stone.


Carved wooden animals placed around pathways.


Next Step

I have contacted the Arts Development Officer at the Council and she will help us with the next steps.  This will be a long term project as the money comes in installments from the housing developers as they progress their building work.


The Path from Stuartfield to Old Deer

The most popular idea is not really an art project but we are grateful to everyone who expressed this view.  We can tell the Council Core Paths department that this is something the village feels strongly about.  We can ask them to prioritise the construction of this path.